Audio Not Working




  • Joachim Tröster

    It's the second time now after a Windows 10 update that the sound output stopped. No other software is accessing my speakers, Microphone is working fine.
    I can also use Skype or Facebook Messenger without a problem.

    Even after a restart and reinstall of vsee it sees my speakers, but there is no sound (also not when in the config and testing),

  • Eugene


    Thanks a lot for your kind suggestions regarding mute and volume. I also checked power cord and display brightness. Everything works as it shoud.

    I'm having exactly the same problem. It updates automatically, then it can't play any sound. It just can't play any sound at all. Play button in audio-video settings does nothing,

    This is the only application in the system that is having problems atm.

    What I do is I remove this Brand New Updated version, install some older previous version, and it works as before. I make a call, leave it unattended, it updates in the background and ooops, no sound again.

    Windows 7. VSee 3.9.3




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